Looking Glass Music & Dance Fall Festival
Central United Methodist Church, Downtown Lansing, Michigan

Hope to see you at the next one!*

Hi! Come get your button!

Sharon, Julie, and Lynn say, "Come dance with us and get a free 2016 souvinir dance button!" And who can resist those smiles? We smile a lot at Lansing Dances!

Looking Back at Past Festivals

*While we can't hold our yearly Looking Glass Festival in 2020, it's always fun to see videos and photos from years past. I usually dance around the house when I play these! Check out these videos from our friend John Newsome's YouTube channel! Look for your friends, see what you were wearing, remember how that tune goes!

We will dance again, as soon as it is safe to do so. For now, please enjoy these videos!


Bonnie Wheeler is happy!

Bonnie Wheeler is very happy!

Roger Diggle calls his square dance The New Moan Hey to the music of Hotpoint String Band.

Swing me, Partner!

Swing me, Partner!

The dance is Trip to Hubert, called by Alexandra Deis-Lauby, written by by Will Mentor.

Love to Waltz With You...

Love to waltz with you!

Looking Glass Festival - 2017 - Will Mentor prompts with Pete's Posse
This one was a fabulous tune, and the dance so fun!



All of us Dancing, and smiling a LOT!

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