The Looking Glass Music & Arts Association Invites You!

The Looking Glass Contra & Square Dance Spring Celebration was a blast!

Thank you to Carol Ormond and The Johns!

Carol Ormond

The Looking Glass Music & Arts Association Dance Committee welcomed Carol Ormond and The Johns for a special 2-day dance event in downtown Lansing on April 20 & 21.  Dancers enjoyed terrific music and great dancing.  Experienced dancers even got to enjoy a Saturday afternoon advanced session with challenging contras, squares, and some lovely older "Chestnuts", dances not called as often as in times past. Thank you to everyone who helped make the weekend such fun!  

The Looking Glass has organized monthly contra and square dances, workshops, and other traditional music and arts activities for close to 40 years. We're a volunteer non-profit family-friendly organization, and all are welcome. Please join us! Click to learn more, and join us on the dance floor soon!

What's Happening This Spring?

Our regular dances are usually held on the first and third Saturday evenings, ending the third weekend in June 2018. Here's the short version of our upcoming dance schedule, but be sure to click the link for Contra Dances above for all DANCE LOCATIONS and much more information!

Saturday May 5 - hosted by TPF
Band: Askin' for Trouble, Caller: Carol Steiner, Location: CUMC dwntown Lansing.  Happy Cinco de Mayo! It's also a certain purple-loving person's 40th birthday!

Saturday May 19 - hosted by LGMAA
Band: Scarlet Runner String Band, Caller: Julie Levy-Weston,
NOTE: Special location, and parking information! We'll dance in the Theatre space of the Residential College for Arts and Humanities at MSU. The theatre is located in Snyder/Phillips residence hall- is officially 361 Physics Road, East Lansing. Here's a link to a map. There is a large no-charge parking lot right across the street from the hall. We'll make sure to have directional signage to get you to the theatre in the basement.

Saturday June 2 - hosted by TPF, at CUMC
Band: Au Contraire, Caller: Mike Clark

Saturday June 16 - hosted by LGMAA, at CUMC
Band: Banjo Tramps, Caller: Dwayne Johnson

Nearby Spring Dance Weekends and Camps

Here's a small taste of the fun we have at our annual Looking Glass Festival!

This video is from our 2016 Looking Glass Festival, a very wonderful weekend!  The Festival is held in October, now usually the first full weekend.  Watch for details for the current year!  Many thanks to John Newsome for the video!

See below? That's us having a blast!



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