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Join us for New Years Eve 2018!

Potluck, Contras, Squares & More

Darlene Underwood and The Johns!

The Looking Glass Music & Arts Association and the Ten Pound Fiddle Dance Committees look forward to welcoming the lovely and talented Darlene Underwood to prompt our dances, to the always-a-blast music of The Johns! Click for location, start times, and more, plus advance registration!

The Looking Glass has organized monthly contra and square dances, workshops, and other traditional music and arts activities for close to 40 years. We're a volunteer non-profit family-friendly organization, and all are welcome. Please join us! Click to learn more, and join us on the dance floor soon!

What's Happening This Fall 2018?

Our regular dances are usually held on the first and third Saturday evenings during the school year, beginning in September. Here's the short version of our upcoming dance schedule, but be sure to click the link above for Contra Dances for the rest of the schedule, costs, DANCE LOCATIONS and much more!

Special event: Celebration Dance Saturday Dec 15
Please join us to celebrate Bob & Laura Stein's 60th Wedding Anniversary!

Band: The Stringrays (Stuart Kenney, Rodney Miller, Max Newman)
Callers: Many Favorites
Location: Central United Methodist Church
Time: Lesson at 6:30, Dance 7-10pm (our usual time and location)
Bob & Laura Stein in 2015Bob & Laura Stein

Saturday November 17 - hosted by LGMAA
Band: Prospect Hilltoppers (Sam Herman, Caleb Hofheinz, Richard Whitfield), Caller: Pat Reeser

Saturday December 1 - hosted by TPF
Band: Scarlet Runner String Band, Caller: Laurie Pietravalle

Saturday December 15 - hosted by LGMAA
Special event! Please come dance with us! Bob & Laura Stein's 60th Anniversary Dance!
Band: String Rays (Stuart Kenney, Rodney Miller, Max Newman) Caller: Our Favorite Local Callers

See the rest of the schedule here, including New Years Eve and going into 2019!

Here's a small taste of the fun Looking Glass had at a recent Looking Glass Festival!

Over the weekend of September 30 - October 3, 2016, dancers from as far away as Boston and Kentucky joined us here in Lansing! Many thanks to John Newsome for the video!

See below? That's us having a blast!



Looking Glass Membership
Memberships are currently $15 per individual per calendar year - renewable in January. For more information
call 517/337-0235 or write LGMAA at P.O. Box 1403 E. Lansing MI 48826
or email the Looking Glass Dance Committee. We'd love to hear from you!


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