The Looking Glass Music & Arts Association Invites You!

Looking Glass Music & Arts Association and
the Ten Pound Fiddle present

2019 New Years Eve Potluck
& Dance Party! Please join us!

The Johns are John Warstler, Ruby John, and Budd Greenman Darlene Underwood

Here are more details, including location, cost, and more!

(Note - we're at the Dewitt Township Community Center for this event. See details!)

The Looking Glass hosts contra and square dances, workshops, and other traditional music and arts activities for adults, teens, and families. We're a volunteer non-profit family-friendly organization. All are welcome, regardless of age, color, race, religion, gender, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression. You don't even need to bring a dance partner! Please join us on the dance floor soon! Here are some details:

Late Fall 2019 and into Winter 2020 - What's Happening?
See even more upcoming dances and location info on our regular Contra Dances page!

Saturday December 21 - hosted by LGMAA, held at CUMC
Band: Luke Panning, Eve Panning, Myron Grant, and Jacob Warren, with Caller: Laurie Pietrevalle
"Wait! Did you say Luke and Eve Panning, of the famous family band Fiddlefire, whose music we danced to so many years ago?"
Yes! Two extremely talented Panning siblings will again provide the tunes for our dancing pleasure, along with friends Myron Grant and Jacob Warren! Wait'll you see - and hear - 'em now!

Tuesday December 31, 2019 - New Years Eve Join us to bring in the New Year!
Note - this dance is scheduled for our alternate location at the Dewitt Township Community Center.
Band: The Johns, and caller Darlene Underwood! See more details on our New Years Eve page!

Saturday January 4, 2020 - hosted by TPF, held at CUMC
Band: Banjo Tramps, with Caller: Julie Levy-Weston

Saturday January 18, 2020 - hosted by LGMAA, held at CUMC
Band: Scarlet Runner String Band, with Caller: Dwayne Johnson



Don't forget to see the rest of our fall and winter schedule on our regular Contra Dances page!

See below? That's us having a blast!


If you haven't tried this yet, we encourage you to come to a dance soon. It truly is a great time, as you will see, because everyone is smiling! Come at 6:30pm for the lesson. Plus, the caller gives us a walk-through before every dance, to show us how it's done. Then be ready to have a blast with us!


Looking Glass Membership
Memberships are currently $15 per individual per calendar year - renewable in January. For more information
call 517/337-0235 or write LGMAA at P.O. Box 1403 E. Lansing MI 48826
or email the Looking Glass Dance Committee. We'd love to hear from you!


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