The Looking Glass Music & Arts Association Invites You!

Special Dance Event Coming Soon!
April 20 & 21, 2018!

The Looking Glass Music & Arts Association Dance Committee warmly welcomes our friend from Madison, Wisconsin, Carol Ormond for a special 2-evening dance event! More information will be forthcoming soon. For now, Save the Dates!
Carol Ormand calling a dance!

The Looking Glass has organized monthly contra and square dances, workshops, and other traditional music and arts activities for over 30 years. We're a volunteer non-profit family-friendly organization, and all are welcome. Please join us! Click to learn more, and join us on the dance floor soon!

What's Happening This Winter and Spring?

We're revving up 2018 for Dancing in Lansing! Check out the callers and bands we've lined up for you! Our regular dances are usually held on the first and third Saturday evenings, ending the third weekend in June 2018. Here's the short version of our upcoming dance schedule, but be sure to click the link for Contra Dances above for all DANCE LOCATIONS and much more information!

Saturday January 20 - hosted by LGMAA
Band: Oh! Contraire, Caller: Pat Reeser

Saturday February 3 - hosted by TPF
Band: Askin' for Trouble, Caller: Laurie Pietravalle

Saturday February 17 - hosted by LGMAA
Band: Scarlet Runner String Band, Caller: Julie Levy-Weston

Saturday March 3 - hosted by TPF
Band: Mike, Myron, & Paul, Caller: Gaye Fifer

Saturday March 17 - hosted by LGMAA*
Band: The Volo Bogtrotters, Caller: Kathy Anderson
*Join us to Celebrate Bonnie's Birthday and Bonnie & Hanno's Anniversary!

Saturday April 7 - hosted by TPF
Band: Fromage a Trois, Caller: Bob Stein

Saturday April 20-21 - hosted by LGMAA
Band: The Johns, Caller: Carol Ormand

Saturday May 5 - hosted by TPF
Band: TBA, Caller: Carol Steiner

Saturday May 19 - hosted by LGMAA
Band: Scarlet Runner String Band, Caller: TBA
Different Location: Dewitt Township Community Center
16101 Brook Rd, Lansing, MI Here's a MAP!

Saturday June 2 - hosted by TPF
Band: Brad Battey & Debbie Jackson, Caller: Mike Clark

Saturday June 16 - hosted by LGMAA
Band: Banjo Tramps, Caller: TBA

Nearby Spring Dance Weekends and Camps

Here's a small taste of the fun we had at a recent Looking Glass Festival!

Over the weekend of September 30 - October 3, 2016, dancers from as far away as Boston and Kentucky joined us here in Lansing! Many thanks to John Newsome for the video!

See below? That's us having a blast!



Looking Glass Membership
Memberships are currently $15 per individual per calendar year - renewable in January. For more information
call 517/337-0235 or write LGMAA at P.O. Box 1403 E. Lansing MI 48826
or email the Looking Glass Dance Committee. We'd love to hear from you!


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