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Upcoming Special Dance Events!

March 30, 2019
Join us at our first Gender Neutral contra and square dance - MSU Students dance for FREE!
Location: Snyder Phillips Auditorium on Michigan State University Campus (click for map.) Generously supported by the Residential College for Arts & Humanities (RCAH) and the Center for Gender Studies, and LGMAA. More location and other information coming soon.
Band: The Banjo Tramps
Caller: Megan Wilson
Time: Lesson at 6:30, Dance 7-10pm

April 6, 2019
Come Celebrate David Baur's 80th Birthday
With Dancing and Friendship - FREE!
2-5pm English Country Dancing
5:30-6:30pm Potluck (please bring your table setting if possible)
7-10pm Contra Dancing
All events will be held at the CUMC.
English Country Band: TBA
Contra Band: The Johns
Caller: Cis Hinkle
These two dances are Free! Your donation of any amount will be gratefully accepted, and will support Doctors Without Borders.

May 18, 2019
Ulyana Maystrenko is celebrating her 65th birthday this year! Note location change: We'll dance at the Foster Community Center at 200 N Foster Ave, Lansing, MI More details will be available soon, including dance times & more.
Band: Wild Rumpus (Debra Clark Colón, Karl Clark Colón, & Bobby Douglas)
Caller: Darlene Underwood

The Looking Glass has organized monthly contra and square dances, workshops, and other traditional music and arts activities for close to 35 years. We're a volunteer non-profit family-friendly organization, and all are welcome. Please join us! Click to learn more, and join us on the dance floor soon!

What's Happening This Winter & Spring 2019?

Our regular dances are usually held on the first and third Saturday evenings during the school year, beginning in September. Here's the short version of our upcoming dance schedule, but be sure to click the link above for Contra Dances for the rest of the schedule, costs, DANCE LOCATIONS and much more!

Plus, be sure to see all details to the right for three upcoming very special spring dances!
Green & White point the way!



Saturday February 16 - hosted by LGMAA, held at CUMC
Last minute change -- we hope that band Pat & Possum get well quick! Thanks to the Banjo Tramps  and caller Dwayne Johnson (Elkhart) for being available for this dance!

Saturday March 2 - hosted by TPF, held at CUMC
Band: Banjo Tramps, Caller: Bob Stein (Lansing)

Saturday March 16 - hosted by LGMAA, held at CUMC
Band: Scarlet Runner String Band, Caller: Dwayne Johnson (Elkhart, IN)

Saturday March 30 - Gender Neutral Dance at Snyder-Phillips on MSU Campus (click for map!)MSU Students dance for FREE!
Generously supported by the Residential College of Arts & Humanities (RCAH) and the Center for Gender Studies, and LGMAA
See details at right!

See the rest of our schedule on our regular Contra Dances page!

Here's a small taste of the fun Looking Glass had at a recent Looking Glass Festival!

Over the weekend of September 30 - October 3, 2016, dancers from as far away as Boston and Kentucky joined us here in Lansing! Many thanks to John Newsome for the video!

See below? That's us having a blast!



Looking Glass Membership
Memberships are currently $15 per individual per calendar year - renewable in January. For more information
call 517/337-0235 or write LGMAA at P.O. Box 1403 E. Lansing MI 48826
or email the Looking Glass Dance Committee. We'd love to hear from you!


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